Essential Oil Lover's Gift Guide

Are you shopping for someone who loves essential oils? Check out these gifts they will love!


I love having lots of totes to take to oil classes or meetings. This one is super cute and affordable.

I’m Here for the Oils  Tote from Everything But Oils $14.95

I’m Here for the Oils Tote from Everything But Oils $14.95

It can be fun to blend custom rollers and perfumes. Putting them in pretty bottles makes it even better.

Colorful Matte Rollers  from Share Oils $7.50/5

Colorful Matte Rollers from Share Oils $7.50/5

I love the way Lava beads hold on the to the aroma of essential oils all day. This Lava bracelet from Trades of Hope is perfect with every outfit and benefits the artisans in Jordan who hand craft them.

Fair Trade Lava Bracelet  from Trades of Hope $38

Fair Trade Lava Bracelet from Trades of Hope $38

This lovely clutch from doTERRA contains two special blends. Dream was the Gala blend from 2018 Convention. It contains Cedarwood, Pink Pepper, Juniper Berry, Magnolia, Roman Chamomile, Lemon Myrtle, and Osmanthus. Radiant is an exclusive blend as part of this gift set, containing Cananga Flower, Patchouli, Clary Sage and Cypress.

Signature Aromas and doTERRA Clutch  $48.50 Wholesale or $64.67 Retail

Signature Aromas and doTERRA Clutch $48.50 Wholesale or $64.67 Retail

We all know OnGuard is the Real OG. This design can be printed on tees of any size and style, hoodies, baby onesies and other accessories!

The Real O.G. is OnGuard  Hoodie or Tee Ranging from $18-30

The Real O.G. is OnGuard Hoodie or Tee Ranging from $18-30

These Shades of Stone holders have been on my wish list for a while. I keep my floral rollers on my vanity to rotate into my skincare routine. Wouldn’t they look perfect in one of these?

Stone Oil Holder from  Shades of Stone  $45 for two

Stone Oil Holder from Shades of Stone $45 for two

What items are on your wish list this year?

Support for many body systems

You know I love oils that support many body systems. These oils make it that much easier to simplify our proactive wellness plans. Copaiba is a blend of several species of trees from Brazil. This sourcing video shows the care that goes into the craft of sourcing this beautiful oil.

When taken internally, Copaiba essential oil may be calming, soothing and supportive to the nervous system*. dōTERRA Copaiba Softgels are easy to swallow and provide a convenient way to receive the internal benefits of dōTERRA Copaiba essential oil.

Use dōTERRA Copaiba Softgels to receive antioxidant support for your cellular health. The softgels also support the health of the respiratory system, the digestive system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Take one softgel daily to address concerns with any or all of these systems.  When taken on a regular basis, your overall health can improve!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Simple Natural Solutions for Many Body Systems. Shop for  Copaiba

Simple Natural Solutions for Many Body Systems. Shop for Copaiba

We Love OnGuard in Everything!

I love reading about the many benefits of the OnGuard blend. We have used the toothpaste successfully for years. I was delighted when doTERRA announced an OnGuard Mouthwash at the 2018 convention.

dōTERRA On Guard® Mouthwash is alcohol-free and formulated to clean teeth and gums, reduce plaque, and promote a healthy–looking mouth when used as part of a hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing. Use dōTERRA On Guard® Mouthwash morning and night after brushing teeth with doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste by swishing it thoroughly for 60 seconds. Be sure to shake well before each use.


Check out the link below for useful tips to having a clean and healthy mouth:

I can't get enough of this Beautiful Body Mist.

Is the gloomy fall weather bringing you down? Enjoy the uplifting and energizing aromatic benefits of doTERRA’s Beautiful Captivating blend to combat the fall blues. The natural oils of Sunflower, Avocado and Passion Fruit help soothe, soften and hydrate skin. It is perfect for replenishing and maintaining the skin’s natural barrier during these cold dry months.

Formulated with the nourishing properties of coconut, sunflower, avocado, passion fruit and doTERRA’s Beautiful blend, the hydrating mist will improve your overall appearance for healthier and radiant looking skin. Mist over entire body after bathing or in the morning to begin your day feeling the hydrating glow of the doTERRA Hydrating Body Mist.

Which is better--turmeric powder or turmeric essential oil?

As a key botanical of the traditional Ayurvedic health practices of India, turmeric root and turmeric essential oil have a long history that has inspired modern uses of turmeric today. Steam distilled from the turmeric root, Turmeric essential oil has two unique chemical components, Turmerone and ar-Turmerone. Most commonly known for their nervous system* and emotional benefits, these components make Turmeric essential oil a staple in your daily health routine. Promoting feelings of positivity,* Turmeric is beneficial both internally and aromatically. Advantageous to the immune system, Turmeric may have soothing benefits that promote a positive immune response.* As well, Turmeric can help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. Use Turmeric daily to support healthy immune function and response along with healthy circulation.* In addition to the many benefits of Turmeric essential oil, Turmeric acts as a great burst of flavor to your favorite savory meals.

Immune Boost in a Bottle

If you’re like me, you are using many different methods to keep your family healthy. We have been eating well, moving our bodies, taking supplements and, of course, using essential oils. I was delighted when Emily Wright announced Pink Pepper as one of our permanent oils! I fell in love with Pink Pepper when we experienced it as a Mother’s Day gift, but I had no idea what a powerful tool it would be in our wellness tool kits!

Known for its ability to strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy cellular function, doTERRA’s Pink Pepper can be taken internally to avoid *seasonal threats. Additional benefits include; support of a healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory systems. Pink Pepper can also be relaxing to the nervous system. Add the new doTERRA Pink Pepper to your oil collection and purchase it here.

The Co-Impact Sourcing story is truly remarkable!

Natural Immune Boost

Natural Immune Boost

A Natural Deodorant that Actually Works!

 It can be difficult to find a natural deodorant that works for you and smells good. Our essential oils of Spruce, Ho Leaf, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Osmanthus work to provide protection against moisture and provides long-lasting freshness.


For only $11.67 retail or $8.75 wholesale, you can enjoy the natural benefits of the Natural Deodorant with doTERRA Balance. This product is aluminum, paraben, phthalate and talc free! With Arrowroot powder and baking soda infused, the doTERRA Natural Balance Deodorant absorbs moisture leaving you feeling fresh and dry, while neutralizing and preventing odors throughout the day.


This  natural deodorant  actually works!

This natural deodorant actually works!

Mulit-purpose Oils

When I’m traveling, I love to bring along oils that can be used for more than one purpose. dōTERRA Cardamom is one I always keep in my bag because it can support healthy digestion, respiratory function, and clear thinking.

As we travel for the holidays I can be a hero with Cardamom. It helps ease any indigestion with Cardamom.* When taken internally, Cardamom may help soothe occasional stomach discomfort. * Dilute one drop in a 4fl. oz. of liquid.

Not only is dōTERRA Cardamom great for cooking and maintaining overall gastrointestinal health*, it also promotes a sense of openness and mental clarity when diffused or inhaled.

We may diffuse Cardamom with Grapefruit in the car diffuser to uplift moods.

What is your favorite use for Cardamom?

Shop for  Cardamom

Shop for Cardamom

Using essential oils as you grow emotionally intelligent

Have you noticed how people have become increasingly emotional and decreasingly logical. It’s not that emotions are bad, but they’re usually not a reliable way to navigate life.

Learning key tools for emotional intelligence can help you succeed at life, in work and in relationships.

In this video you will learn how to grow in awareness of your emotions so that you can respond in healthy, logical ways.


Solve the Stinky Car Problem!

Does your vehicle serve as a taxi, and your office, and sporting goods equipment storage, and diner, and your second home? In Nashville, we spend a lot of time in our cars. This little gem of a promotion could single-handedly reduce poor attitudes and poor driving. The Iris car diffuser PLUS three free citrus oils are sure to put you in a great mood!

Place any 200 Point order in October, and these gifts will be included in your shipment!

Full Details

October Promo

Practical Tools for Teachers

A few weeks ago I was shopping with my daughter, and had a very silly observation in the toy aisle at target. (See photo) As a former teacher, I empathized with that poor Teacher Barbie. When that silly observation was shared thousands and thousands of times on Facebook, I started reading some comments. One particularly cynical platform shared the image, and I realized I needed to speak to the pain points underlying the jokes.


We get it, Teacher Barbie.

We do.

If you’re a teacher, and you’re feeling like this, I have some insight and inspiration to share.
Raise your hand if you would like to know more about:

Happy, Healthy Classroom

Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Amplified Learning Outcomes with Essential Oils

Happy, Healthy Teacher

Super Simple Self Care for Teachers

Let’s keep learning and encouraging one another.

I know these two things are true:

1) Teaching can be hard.

2) Teaching matters!

Free Hormone Education Summit

You don't have to be held hostage by your Hormones

Whether you're...

  • Already using Essential Oils and ready to unlock the power of hormone balancing…

  • New to Essential Oils and ready to explore effective, natural solutions…

  • Struggling with hormones and ready to get your body back on track…

  • Educating about essential oils and want to expand your knowledge…

  • Leading a movement and want to give them the best tools for changing lives…

With Your Purchase of the Essential Oil Hormone Summit, you’ll learn insider secrets like:

  • Make-at-home blends that help the thyroid function normally 

  • How to detox excess estrogen and cortisol by optimizing liver function

  • Recipes for exhaustion and craving so you can rely less on caffeine and sugar

  • Which oils work the best for menopause and breast health

  • Secret recipes for youthful and skincare so you can eliminate hormone-damaging toxins from your cosmetics and bathroom cabinet

  • Deep self-care rituals and recipes that lower fatigue, stress and brain fog so you can recover your natural hormonal function

  • How to make Self-Care = Healthcare by creating a powerful morning and evening routine 

  • Proven techniques and recipes that hormone doctors and experts use to for emotional and mood support

  • How to confidently navigate hormone fluctuations for PMS, perimenopause and menopause 

  • Why hormones are directly connected to brain chemistry and how to use oils to solve emotional distress

    Register here for the free sessions and the opportunity to purchase the series to keep in your references.

EOhormonepanel .jpg

How to be a Confident Essential Oil User

If you’re just getting started using essential oils, here are a few ways you can grow in knowledge and confidence to take a natural, proactive approach with your health and wellness goals.

1) Understand the basics of using essential oils safely. If you haven’t been able to attend and introductory class, this online class will be helpful for you. Or visit this helpful page.

2) Find great resources for integrating oils into your everyday life. I like searching for the botanical name of the essential oil on to find peer-reviewed scholarly research. There are also books and resource manuals available. Be careful to select quality resources that cite scholarly research. Unfortunately, general aromatherapy guidelines don’t pertain to all brands of essential oils.

3) Only use tested, trusted essential oils. I only use doTERRA oils for this reason. When medical labs, hospitals, and researchers choose this brand of essential oil because of the purity and potency, you know it’s the real deal!

4) Read the product labels. If it has nutrition facts on the side, it can be used internally along those guidelines. Easy peasy.

5) Learn to listen to your body. This is one of those recommendations that would have sounded crazy to me before, but over the years, I have learned how to understand what oil to use for a particular situation by paying attention to what my body needs. As you gain experience, you will grow in this confidence. For example, the other day, I applied spearmint and eucalyptus to my feet in the morning to promote healthy respiratory function. Throughout the day, I noticed that my mental clarity was much better than normal. (Bye, mom brain!) Now, when I need a cognitive boost, I will diffuse or apply spearmint and eucalyptus.

6) Download doTERRA’s free Daily Drop app. You can receive bite sized pieces of education each day, and gradually grow in confidence for integrating oils into your everyday life.

7) Take advantage of continuing education opportunities through Essential Oils Daily Collective and doTERRA Corporate. I highly recommend the Empowered Life Series.


Complex Chemical Profile = Many Uses

doTERRA Spikenard is steam distilled from the roots of the plant, it was historically used to anoint people of high honor in the Ayurvedic health practices of India. Today, it’s used in perfumes and massage oils for its woody, musty and deep aroma. Combine with your favorite moisturizer for soft, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Spikenard’s chemical profile is very complex, with over 120 different constituents. An oil so complex can be used to promote health in the body in many ways.


• Diffuse or apply one to two drops to back of neck or to temples to promote feeling of calmness and relaxation.

• Create a personalized fragrance by combining Spikenard with Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Myrrh, Wild Orange, Rose, and Vetiver.

• Combine with a hydrating cream to soften and smooth skin.

• Add one to two drops to your favorite cleanser or antiaging product to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Read all about doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing project in Nepal with doTERRA Spikenard’s spotlight here:


doTERRA Spikenard.jpg

Motivation in a Bottle

Need a little boost or pick me up? The fresh, minty aroma of dōTERRA Motivate Touch Encouraging Blend promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. Apply to the back of your neck before giving a speech, playing a sport, teaching a class, or introducing dōTERRA to new members to instill fresh feelings of confidence. dōTERRA Motivate Touch will help you unleash your creative powers and find the courage that comes from believing in yourself again. Challenge yourself to find more motivation by setting a goal, writing it down, and placing it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Learn more about the different ways to use dōTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend on the spotlight page below:

Motivate Touch.jpg

Respiratory Support on the Go!

When I was introduced to doTERRA in 2010, Breathe Respiratory Blend was one of the first "WOW!" experiences I had. A relative was visiting for the holidays and he hadn't been getting much rest because of some head congestion. While I normally don't mix blends with other blends, I added a few drops of Breathe + a few drops of Serenity to a diffuser and put it in our guest room for him. The oils went to work and created an environment for deep rest. The next morning he awoke refreshed and rested. 

I love applying Breathe over my airways to support healthy breathing during exercise. 

If my children need respiratory support in the night, I add a drop to their pillow for aromatic use while they sleep. I love meeting their needs without disturbing their slumber. 

When I travel I always take the Breathe Drops in my bag. For quick mess-free relief, pop a doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drop in your mouth to receive cooling benefits for a dry or irritated throat. This combination of doTERRA Peppermint and Eucalyptus energizes, cools and relaxs as the drop slowly dissolves. Along with the soothing properties of the doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drop, are the calming benefits which can provide a relief.

Drops and Lemons.jpg

Basil on Everything!

Do you love fresh Basil pesto? I sure do. Did you know this lovely aromatic herb also has plenty of health benefits too? When the essential oil is distilled we can use it for a variety of purposes. 

Apply basil on the bone around your ear to promote healthy drainage and soothe occasional discomfort. 

As the kids are getting back to school, it’s important to help them stay focused while doing their school work. Once they come home, diffuse dōTERRA Basil essential oil in your child’s study area to promote a sense of focus for studying, reading, or completing other tasks that require mental clarity. The aroma from diffusing Basil creates a perfect stress-relieving experience. Not only can Basil be used to promote focus and alertness, but it can also add a little extra flavor to your cooking. The spicy, yet herbal taste of Basil adds the perfect flavor for meats, pastas, and entrée dishes.

Shop for Basil and other oils here

Love pizza? Check out this fun and easy recipe for homemade pizza using dōTERRA’s basil essential oil.

Basil Herb EO.jpg

How to Host a Convention Viewing Party

There's nothing quite like the excitement of a doTERRA convention! The new product announcements, the cutting-edge research, the global humanitarian projects, the confetti at Gala, the cross-line friendships, the aroma of essential oils over Salt Lake City... it's one of my favorite events each year. If you're hoping to build a doTERRA business, convention is the best investment you can make. 

In some circumstances, however, it's impossible for some of my team members to attend convention. What a blessing that doTERRA has made most of convention available via live stream again this year! Last year, I attended in person and purchased the online pass because I just couldn't take notes fast enough during some of the presentations. I love being able to go back and get beautiful screen shots from the online presentation, rather than trying to snap photos of the screens in the arena. 

Whether or not you're attending convention, it's a great idea to host a Convention Viewing Party! While nothing compares to the events presented by the doTERRA team, here are some things to make your Viewing Party extra special. 

Decide if you're hosting your party during the convention or afterward. If you host it during convention time, you will have the suspense and enthusiasm of new product announcements. If you host it afterward you can include a "Product Showcase" with your convention kit. (Kits are only available to convention attendees.) 

Choose a location. If you're planning a multi-day event, clear some space and any distractions. I love the idea of gathering together with your local team to watch the whole thing. You'll want to have access to a smart TV or a laptop, HDMI cable and TV or projector so that you can stream from your computer to a big screen. 

Make a guest list. Decide if your local team is going to camp out for the hours and hours of convention fun, or if you'll have a brief event featuring some highlights. 

Send invitations. My husband created this great invitation to match the theme. Feel free to download and customize it with your information. 

Plan refreshments. The doTERRA blog has some wonderful, oil-infused refreshment ideas. If you can, have other leaders contribute by bringing some too! 

Make it fun! The doTERRA events team goes to great lengths to provide fun photo opportunities around every bend. You can have fun decorations at your event too. Keep it simple or do it up! It's up to you. 

Diffuse something that helps increase focus without encouraging chatting through the presentations. You can pop the roller top from InTune and add a few drops to your Lumo with a pipette! 

You may also want to provide: notebooks and pens, throw blankets, and custom rollerball blends. 

What other ideas do you have to create a Convention Viewing Party that rivals the real event? Let me know if you'd like to contribute to my group Pinterest board


My favorite essential oil diffuser

Over the years, I've tried so many essential oil diffusers, and this one is my all-time favorite! 

 The doTERRA Lumo Diffuser is convenient when you are going to be away for an extended period because of its run-time features. It’s multiple color options are a great addition to a child’s bedroom when diffusing at night to keep the room slightly lit. I love the look of the maple wood base. 

This diffuser can run for up to 10 hours which makes it perfect for classrooms and offices. I've selected the Lumo for the Essential Oils Daily Diffuser Lending Program. If you're a Nashville business open to trying essential oils for a week in your setting, I'm happy to loan you a Lumo along with a few crowd-pleasing, uplifting, cleansing oils. I love working with professionals to integrate oils into your gym, office, classroom, or boutique.  For more information on this program, contact me


Enjoy this list of diffuser blends to experience the aromatic benefits of the doTERRA Lumo Diffuser


Cedarwood is Versatile!

It's always a wise investment to purchase quality oils that can be used for many purposes. 

Cedarwood is sometimes considered "Poor Man's Frankincense" because it has some similar chemical constituents, but costs a fraction of the price, at just five cents per drop! 

Did you know that dōTERRA Cedarwood is a great oil for promoting relaxation? With properties that help to soothe the mind and body, the warm, woody scent of Cedarwood essential oil can create a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically. After a long day, diffuse to create a calming environment or apply one to two drops to the bottom of your child’s feet to help soothe and calm them when they wake up frightened.

Not only is it used to help you have feelings of calmness, it also helps keep your skin looking healthy. During your facial routine, add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote clear, healthy looking skin.

Cedarwood can be added to conditioner to nourish hair and promote healthy growth. 

Everyone in our household loves cedarwood, but do you know who doesn't care for it at all? Pesky insects like moths and bed bugs. I love including several drops of cedarwood in our DIY linen spray. 

Cedarwood (1).jpg