Rest and Manage Stress

Everyone has stress, no matter what you do or who you know. The way you manage that stress will determine a great deal of the course of your life. Here are some quick tips to better manage stress and create more time for rest. 

Be proactive about your schedule and write rest time in ink. We all have the same number of hours in a day, and of course there are seasons when we work harder than others, but we have to build sustainability into our schedule. Ask yourself, "If I continue at my current pace, how quickly will I burn out?"

When you sit down to manage your calendar, apply InTune to the reflex point on your big toe. This will help you to focus and make lists for the week. Keep the big-picture of your life in focus.

We should be proactive as we're committing to things. Saying "yes" and taking on more obligations than we can handle can lead to burn-out. While saying "no" can be uncomfortable in the short term, in the long term it creates more space for the activities that are building into our legacy. 

Here's an example: If one of your goals is financial freedom, you may need to cut back on volunteer activities and focus more of your working hours on income-producing activities. When you say you value one thing, and your calendar reflects something different, your priorities are out of alignment. 

Another way people misuse rest time is to simply check out by mindlessly scrolling their phone or binge-watching television. These activities may seem like rest for a short time, but they aren't really recharging our batteries. There is a big difference between checking out and fully resting. Rather than taking in more information from TV or social media, try meditating. Lie flat on your back and imagine the tension from your body sinking into the floor. Take several deep breaths. Release worries from the day that truly aren't yours to carry. Apply Peace Blend over your heart. 

Managing your time will be a key in managing stress and allowing time for rest. Try it this week and tell me what you think. What is one shift you can make to bring your schedule into alignment with your priorities?