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Do Your Research

Long before I was a mom and wellness advocate, I was a writing instructor. One of the constant reminders I found myself instilling in my students was, "seek excellent sources." It doesn't matter if you're writing a research paper or making wise consumer decisions, you always need to consider the source. 

You can't believe everything you read on the internet! I realize how funny that sounds coming from something you found on another mom blog or Pinterest post. 

Some good sources regarding essential oils can be found at aromatools dot com and share oils dot com. You will also find more and more scholarly research becoming available on pub med dot gov which is a public database of peer-reviewed, scholarly or clinical research. 

dōTERRA has created several eBooks to assist you in educating others about the oils and their aromatic and internal uses. There are PDF and a digital versions of each book, which allow your customers to read it for themselves or have it read to them while they follow along. All the eBooks can be found here: