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How to Host a Convention Viewing Party

There's nothing quite like the excitement of a doTERRA convention! The new product announcements, the cutting-edge research, the global humanitarian projects, the confetti at Gala, the cross-line friendships, the aroma of essential oils over Salt Lake City... it's one of my favorite events each year. If you're hoping to build a doTERRA business, convention is the best investment you can make. 

In some circumstances, however, it's impossible for some of my team members to attend convention. What a blessing that doTERRA has made most of convention available via live stream again this year! Last year, I attended in person and purchased the online pass because I just couldn't take notes fast enough during some of the presentations. I love being able to go back and get beautiful screen shots from the online presentation, rather than trying to snap photos of the screens in the arena. 

Whether or not you're attending convention, it's a great idea to host a Convention Viewing Party! While nothing compares to the events presented by the doTERRA team, here are some things to make your Viewing Party extra special. 

Decide if you're hosting your party during the convention or afterward. If you host it during convention time, you will have the suspense and enthusiasm of new product announcements. If you host it afterward you can include a "Product Showcase" with your convention kit. (Kits are only available to convention attendees.) 

Choose a location. If you're planning a multi-day event, clear some space and any distractions. I love the idea of gathering together with your local team to watch the whole thing. You'll want to have access to a smart TV or a laptop, HDMI cable and TV or projector so that you can stream from your computer to a big screen. 

Make a guest list. Decide if your local team is going to camp out for the hours and hours of convention fun, or if you'll have a brief event featuring some highlights. 

Send invitations. My husband created this great invitation to match the theme. Feel free to download and customize it with your information. 

Plan refreshments. The doTERRA blog has some wonderful, oil-infused refreshment ideas. If you can, have other leaders contribute by bringing some too! 

Make it fun! The doTERRA events team goes to great lengths to provide fun photo opportunities around every bend. You can have fun decorations at your event too. Keep it simple or do it up! It's up to you. 

Diffuse something that helps increase focus without encouraging chatting through the presentations. You can pop the roller top from InTune and add a few drops to your Lumo with a pipette! 

You may also want to provide: notebooks and pens, throw blankets, and custom rollerball blends. 

What other ideas do you have to create a Convention Viewing Party that rivals the real event? Let me know if you'd like to contribute to my group Pinterest board