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Complex Chemical Profile = Many Uses

doTERRA Spikenard is steam distilled from the roots of the plant, it was historically used to anoint people of high honor in the Ayurvedic health practices of India. Today, it’s used in perfumes and massage oils for its woody, musty and deep aroma. Combine with your favorite moisturizer for soft, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Spikenard’s chemical profile is very complex, with over 120 different constituents. An oil so complex can be used to promote health in the body in many ways.


• Diffuse or apply one to two drops to back of neck or to temples to promote feeling of calmness and relaxation.

• Create a personalized fragrance by combining Spikenard with Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Myrrh, Wild Orange, Rose, and Vetiver.

• Combine with a hydrating cream to soften and smooth skin.

• Add one to two drops to your favorite cleanser or antiaging product to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Read all about doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing project in Nepal with doTERRA Spikenard’s spotlight here:


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