Man oils

My husband is going crazy for these!

Have you heard the news? This collection is available in individual pieces now! The doTERRA Amavi Collection is universally appealing, highlighting the unique aroma of CPTG essential oils like Buddha Wood, Hinoki, and Litsea along with the doTERRA Balance blend. The collection includes a 10 mL Amavi Touch, Amavi After Shave Lotion, and doTERRA Onyx Balance Bath Bar. Each product is expertly crafted to evoke the feelings of a hero's heart while supporting the fearless in spirit. Not only does this collection help uplift and refocus your mind throughout the day, it also creates a simple daily regimen to clean, soothe, and hydrate your skin.

The aroma is unlike any other oil blend. My husband says he's been waiting years for something like this! 

Amavi Collection.jpg