Empowered Life

Using essential oils as you grow emotionally intelligent

Have you noticed how people have become increasingly emotional and decreasingly logical. It’s not that emotions are bad, but they’re usually not a reliable way to navigate life.

Learning key tools for emotional intelligence can help you succeed at life, in work and in relationships.

In this video you will learn how to grow in awareness of your emotions so that you can respond in healthy, logical ways.


How to be a Confident Essential Oil User

If you’re just getting started using essential oils, here are a few ways you can grow in knowledge and confidence to take a natural, proactive approach with your health and wellness goals.

1) Understand the basics of using essential oils safely. If you haven’t been able to attend and introductory class, this online class will be helpful for you. Or visit this helpful page.

2) Find great resources for integrating oils into your everyday life. I like searching for the botanical name of the essential oil on Pubmed.gov to find peer-reviewed scholarly research. There are also books and resource manuals available. Be careful to select quality resources that cite scholarly research. Unfortunately, general aromatherapy guidelines don’t pertain to all brands of essential oils.

3) Only use tested, trusted essential oils. I only use doTERRA oils for this reason. When medical labs, hospitals, and researchers choose this brand of essential oil because of the purity and potency, you know it’s the real deal!

4) Read the product labels. If it has nutrition facts on the side, it can be used internally along those guidelines. Easy peasy.

5) Learn to listen to your body. This is one of those recommendations that would have sounded crazy to me before, but over the years, I have learned how to understand what oil to use for a particular situation by paying attention to what my body needs. As you gain experience, you will grow in this confidence. For example, the other day, I applied spearmint and eucalyptus to my feet in the morning to promote healthy respiratory function. Throughout the day, I noticed that my mental clarity was much better than normal. (Bye, mom brain!) Now, when I need a cognitive boost, I will diffuse or apply spearmint and eucalyptus.

6) Download doTERRA’s free Daily Drop app. You can receive bite sized pieces of education each day, and gradually grow in confidence for integrating oils into your everyday life.

7) Take advantage of continuing education opportunities through Essential Oils Daily Collective and doTERRA Corporate. I highly recommend the Empowered Life Series.