The Big Picture of Wellness

Often times when people are just getting started with essential oils, a shift in thinking is required. Once the shift in thinking happens, we can start to see shifts in health and wellness too. 

Wellness is a big-picture endeavor, and essential oils are a key tool to building it. Many people, however, wish to employ essential oils as a magic bullet for chronic health concerns, but that is an unrealistic expectation.  

For example, when I am teaching a class, a mother will ask how to help her child's irritated skin with essential oils. This is an unrealistic expectation because ongoing skin issues are typically a reflection of gut health. Gut health can be supported by a healthy diet (typically eliminating dairy, sugar, and gluten either temporarily or permanently depending on the individual), probiotics, and essential oils. Topical application of the oils sometimes provides temporary relief, but this is like putting masking tape over the "check engine" light on your car's dash board. Maybe you can't see the problem, but the cause is still present. 

To truly care for our health, we need to approach it as a big-picture endeavor where many factors make up the whole. These factors are universal, no matter your age, gender, race or ethnicity. 

Of course, this approach takes work, thought, and patience, which is why many people still fall into the pattern of getting a script for some "masking tape" from their doctor. 

If you are ready to shift your thinking and put positive habits into practice, here are some areas on which you will need to focus. 

  • Eat Right
  • Exercise
  • Rest and Manage Stress
  • Reduce Toxicity
  • Informed Self Care
  • Proactive Health Care

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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