How to Discover Your Word

Out with resolutions; in with words!

A few years ago, I noticed a trend of people selecting a word to embody their goals for the new year. At first, I thought it was kind of silly, like how in high school people would have a song that was their song, but really it wasn’t about them. They just claimed it as such. For example, my friend had this weird boyfriend and their song was K-Ci and Jojo’s All My Life. So maybe it was a song that has significance for them, but it made the rest us feel awkward when we were in the car with them and it came on the radio, and they forgot we were there. Anyway, I digress.

Choosing a word is much more personal and significant than your favorite make-out song or another New Year’s Resolution. Rather than a vague resolution like, “I will be healthy in the new year” or, “I will quit [this bad habit]” they chose a word that gives depth or creates a theme. After all, with a resolution, we feel kind of like it’s all or nothing, and when we fail, we tend to scrap the whole thing. Resolutions require sudden change, and we humans just aren’t set up that way. We are made for transformation and growth, but not at the flip of a calendar page. In that way, New Year’s Resolutions are almost designed to fail.

As a former literature major, I love themes and deeper meanings and, of course, words. I love words so much that it’s difficult to narrow it down to one word for the whole year.

In 2015 I adopted, “surrender and expect” as my words–and they’re still words I’m carrying with me. I’ve repeated them, written about them, and meditated on them so much, they’ve become woven into my being. I pray them when I don’t know what else to pray, even two years later.

2016 was all about overcoming fear and launching into bigger and better things–breaking old, tired, unfruitful ways. The phrase that has rolled around in my head is from Steven Covey’s book, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. One of the seven habits, “Begin with the End in Mind.” I hope I haven’t become too preoccupied with morbidity, but I have been thinking about this path I’m on and where it will eventually end. My word for 2016 has been “Legacy.” I’ve highlighted verses in scripture that relate to legacy and generational living. Much like my words from 2015, I’ll carry this word with me, kind of like the rings on a tree–each year, another layer builds on the one before. We don’t just dispose of it as we move on to the next.

Last week my friend said she was praying for me and God gave her a word picture of sorts, and I feel like that is leading me to my word or theme for 2017. As I seek more wisdom on this, I thought I would share my process with you, in case you’re hoping to have a word that has meaning. Rather than just arbitrarily choosing a word, go through a process to find some deeper meaning:

  1. Quiet yourself and pray. God already knows what he wants to do with you and through you in 2017. Borrow my words from 2015 and surrender to what he has for you, and expect him to provide it.
  2. Invite others to speak into your life. When someone offers a word of encouragement, advice, or even correction, take it to God to sift and discern its value. God often uses other people to speak to us to draw us into relationship with one another. (Also, people sometimes say awful things that aren’t from God, so you need to run it by Him for wisdom, and let it fall away.)
  3. Free write some words. I loved teaching free writing to my students, especially when they felt stuck. Keep in mind, no one will be seeing what you’re writing, so feel free to unload your subconscious and see what comes of it. Spend some time making a list of every word you think of. Next, pray and ask God to eliminate what’s not from Him.
  4. Look for repeating themes or words that continually get your attention in your everyday experiences.

Eventually, a word or theme will emerge for you about what God wants you to study this year and how specifically he is inviting you to grow.

Do you already have a word this year, or have you had words in the past that are a focus for the whole year? I’d love to hear them!

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Nurture. Grow. Lead.

First published August 31, 2016

A few weeks ago, my little guy and I scattered some zinnia seeds in a bare patch in our yard. We watered them and waited. Eventually, green sprigs then blooms appeared. Had we not scattered, and watered, and waited, we wouldn’t have known which ones would be orange, or fuchsia, or pink, or red. As seeds, they all looked the same, yet the potential awaiting within would be different for each. Some have two layers of petals and others even have small, yellow, star-like blooms in the center. Isn’t that amazing? One little bag of seeds held all those secret beauties. There isn’t one that’s just like another. Yet they had been planned all along, hidden away in their tiny, unassuming, boring seed form, but we had no way of knowing for sure until we saw them with our own eyes.

This has me feeling blown away by the vastness of God’s creation. These are just the zinnia–we’ve yet to discuss other flower varieties, and we wouldn’t have time or knowledge to make an exhaustive list.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.39.18 PM.png

My question for you, then, is if God has given this much attention to the flowers, what does it say about the intricacies and variations of our gifts and contributions we are to lend this wild world? Ask God to show you which hidden-away gifts you should be nurturing in yourself during this particular season of your life. Share some beauty today.

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