Indwelt Bible Study: Zealous (An Honest Review)

If you know me, you know I love reading. I also love Jesus, and leading others in the spiritual disciplines. Over the years I’ve closely followed the Christian publishing industry and blogosphere, reviewed books, and recommended those that I really love. My dream life would include living in the woods, running a retreat center where I read, lead spiritual retreats, and recommend great books that will help others grow in discipleship–so I guess this is great practice for that dream life!

Recently, Maggie from the Everleigh Company reached out to me to see what I thought of her new study, Zealous. If you follow Maggie on Instagram @everleighcompany, you know she’s wise and sweet. I couldn’t wait to dig into her new study. 

For those of you who pay attention to the Christian publishing and the blogosphere, you know there is no shortage of great studies. The thing that sets this study apart is the gentle pace that leaves room for listening to the Holy Spirit. As a busy mom, surrounded by noise I so appreciate the format of this beautiful study. Working through the reflection questions really helped me to refocus my identity and purpose in this season of life. The beautiful images and layout helped to settle my spirit without being distracting. I highly recommend working through this study with a group of mom friends this summer.

You can find Zealous and Maggie’s other studies at