Essential Oils Daily Collective

Empowering families with natural solutions for whole-life wellness.


Catherine Kayse - Nashville, TN

Years ago, I began teaching others about essential oils. Over that time, I have gathered a talented, caring team with diverse talents. Now I get to introduce you to them. I specialize in developing leaders, and integrating oils into professional settings.


Marlene Sheaffer - Columbus, OH

Marlene is a therapist specializing in childhood trauma. She enjoys teaching and helping people use oils to meet their needs. Join Marlene’s team of compassionate healers here.


Julie Carter - Columbus, OH

Julie is a yoga instructor with a sales background, and she’s my beloved sister. She specializes in integrating oils into yoga practice. Julie’s favorite oil is Arise blend. To purchase oils or to join Julie’s tribe, visit her online store.

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Lara Coulter - Youngstown, OH

Lara has worked in the medical field for years, but her favorite natural solutions topic is green beauty. For years she has been my go-to for the best, safe and beneficial beauty solutions. Browse the natural personal care items in Lara’s shop. She can help you customize solutions to meet your needs.


Jillian Rummer - Clarksville, TN

Jill is a compassionate second-grade teacher who specializes in integrating oils into the classroom setting. Did you know the human brain can’t learn if our basic needs or perceived needs aren’t met? Learn how to help children feel safe and foster better learning outcomes. Shop for oils or join Jill’s team here.


Ashley Pisano & Carla Channell
Raleigh, NC

This mother-daughter team is based in Raleigh, but they teach frequent online classes at Sharing Oil Solutions. Ashley is a Registered Nurse, turned stay-at-home, homeschool momma. Carla loves exercise and nutrition. Together, they’re a wealth of health and wellness information. Partner with them as a customer or fellow wellness advocate.


Amy Lawrence - Columbus, OH

Amy is a certified reflexologist and expert oil user. She loves being active with her family and connecting people with natural solutions for their health goals. She would be happy to support you no matter where you are on your journey.